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College Football Analysis: Neuheisel and UCLA, Meyer and Ohio State, BCS and More

Major college football is a great game to watch. The tailgating, the pomp and circumstance, the fans (student body, alumni, and other faithful) that fill the stadiums wearing their team colors show up chanting, reciting fight songs, singing and dancing like flash mobs of 90,000 people in 10-15 different cities every week. The cheerleaders, the bands, the mascots, there’s nothing like it.

The level of play, the strength, speed and skills of these young athletes continues to amaze me week in and week out too. Watching LSU beat Arkansas Friday afternoon, LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu a.k.a. “The Honey Badger” was all over the place. Mathieu had seven tackles, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and a 92-yard punt return for a touchdown just for good measure. On the CBS broadcast we were constantly reminded that Mathieu was suspended for the Auburn game with a few teammates because of marijuana. Ok, so the kid is not a saint, but if you don’t think your child hasn’t yet or won’t try weed in college you’re out of touch with reality. He’s not a bad kid. And for every kid who gets suspended for violating the law or a school or NCAA policy, there’s a kid with a 4.0 GPA that helps old ladies cross the street on his free time, a Rhodes Scholar or a Tim Tebow that spends his off time going on missions with his family.

The majority of athletes aren’t even old enough to drink, yet they do anyway. You wouldn’t trust the majority of these young men with your daughter, yet they are probably with her anyway (possibly as you read this.) Yet, these student athletes entertain us week in and week out and create an industry worth billions of dollars. The coaches jump from school to school trying to upgrade themselves in status until they get their dream job like at Notre Dame (ok, well maybe not there anymore) or until they become a legend like Joe Paterno (ok, well maybe not him anymore.)

Rick Neuheisel is Out, Out Out!

Speaking of coaches, did you ever hear of a head coach getting fired after winning his division and making it to the conference title game? It’s going to happen to Rick Neuheisel for sure. Utah lost to Colorado 17-14 Friday afternoon to drop to 4-5 in conference play, eliminating the Utes from contention in the South. With the Bruins at 5-3 in conference play and Arizona State sitting at 4-4, thanks to a 29-28 win over the Sun Devils Nov. 5, UCLA will win the division regardless of what happens tonight when ASU plays Cal, or tomorrow night when UCLA faces cross-town rival USC. The Bruins will undoubtedly get their butts kicked by USC and with that loss will finish at an even .500 on the season placing them in the inaugural Pac-12 Championship Game on December 2nd against Oregon (assuming the Ducks beat the Beavers on Saturday.)

Urban Meyer is In, In, In!

In more coaching news, Urban Meyer had been scheduled to be a part of the broadcast team covering Saturday’s Ohio State-Michigan game, but, after the rumors connecting him to the OSU job heated up significantly, it was announced Meyer would spend his game day in Bristol as part of ESPN’s studio coverage. Now we come to find out that he won’t be appearing on ESPN at all! In a tweet, ESPN publicist Mike Humes wrote that “Urban Meyer won’t be appearing on ESPN this weekend. He requested off his studio assignment and we obliged.” What a shocker!

My guess is that he will in fact appear on ESPN after all… In a news conference announcing he’s been hired as the next head coach of Ohio State University! Our source is telling us that Meyer will be announced as the new OSU head coach on Sunday. Let’s see how good our source is, I’ll bet you a Tootsie Roll it happens…

No Respect

If the Houston Cougars won 50 games this year, could the play of a National Championship then? The eighth-ranked Cougars beat Tulsa 48-16 on Friday moving them to 12-0. “Big deal” you say, it’s Tulsa. Actually, it was a pretty nice win as Tulsa is a decent team. Tulsa’s has eight wins and with its only losses to Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Boise State and now Houston. And Case Keenum who only threw for 457-yards and five touchdowns today (a mere walk in the park for him) apparently has no shot at the Heisman Trophy no matter what he does. Only on America…..

Exactly How Does This Work?

How can BCS executive director Bill Hancock make statements like “every game matters.” That’s laughable. Even if the entire LSU team gets food poisoning and stinks up the joint loosing next week against Georgia in the SEC Championship game, could they really drop beyond No. 2 in the final BCS rankings? After running the table in the regular season with the strength of schedule that they have? Is a one-loss Tigers team any worse than a one-loss Oklahoma State Cowboys or Virginia Tech Hokies team? The “game of the century” part deux is already on the schedule slated as the BCS National Championship game, they just haven’t announced it yet.

118 Times is Apparently Enough

I don’t care who is moving to what conference, how the hell can Texas and Texas A&M not play anymore. I spoke to Earl Campbell on Friday and he said, “If I could walk I’d go on down there a kick someone’s butt and fix this. College football is about tradition. Rivalry’s are what college football is based on.” No Earl, that’s how it used to be, now it’s just based on money…..

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