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College Football Analysis: Johnny Manziel's Heisman, Gene Chizik's Fall, Penn State's Success and More

The best rule in college football that the NFL should seriously take a look at is the time stoppage to set the chains on a first down. The rule doesn’t only make sense, it provides a real opportunity for last minute comebacks, which in turn brings tremendous excitement to the game.

How is it in the NFL if a team makes a first down the clock continues to run but if that team’s quarterback is sacked the clock stops? Someone needs to help me on that one. I love the first down clock stop!

How far has Gene Chizik fallen? Two years removed from a National Championship and he is fired? Wow, I guess he couldn’t find enough alumni club donations to pay off a recruit’s father to play at Auburn. That was the allegation with Cam Newton and his father Cecil.

Not that Chizik had anything to do with it, but without Newton they don’t win a national championship. The NCAA’s farce of an investigation prior to the National Championship game that year was a joke. There was no way they where pulling Cam off the field for that game.  I guess the ratings would have suffered too much. Their findings; Cam didn’t know what his father was doing so it’s ok. I’m glad to know that just in case I have a boy that is really good in football.

Johnny Manziel really is fun to watch and Texas A&M finally figured out how to close a big game. Going up 21 in the first quarter against Alabama was shocking but even more shocking is that they held on for the victory. No one can argue if he wins the Heisman trophy. He is a classic example of what makes the college game so much fun to watch.

Jimbo Fisher, head coach at Florida State wants to get rid of the BCS and go back to the “eye test”. Ok Jimbo, you got it; eye test against North Carolina State, you lost, eye test against Florida, you lost and didn’t look good, eye test against Georgia Tech who was crushed by Georgia the week before, a really ugly win to the eye. Maybe he wants an eye test since Florida State’s first national championship was won that way when they ended up with the same record as a team that they lost to on the field and they still won the “eye test” in 1994. Let’s roll back the Internet while we are at it. Please!

Ohio State has a real chance of being the only undefeated team in the NCAA this year. It was very interesting how they had Jim Tressel on the field at halftime of the Michigan game. I still don’t know how I feel about that. One thing I do know, even if he had won 2 National Championships but had a 1 and 9 record against Michigan instead of a 9 and 1 record against “the team from up north” no chance he is on that field.

How many people like me was rooting against Penn State this year. I wasn’t rooting against the current team, coaches or students. But I did find myself rooting against an institution’s obsession with a sport that led to the tragic incidences. It’s just a game. It should be a lesson for not only the universities but for the students and fans as well and not just at Penn State. And guess what? If Penn State had lost every game this year life would have gone on. What a mess, what a shame.

The Alabama – Georgia game was simply awesome! It really had it all, great teams, great crowd and a great game. Too bad Georgia didn’t give itself a chance by spiking the ball with seconds left but I guess that was part of what made it a classic. The game epitomized why I love college football.

So now Alabama gets to represent the SEC in the National Championship game vs. Notre Dame. The SEC is looking for seven in a row. It’s going to be a classic old school football game where the winner will be determined at the line of scrimmage. Alabama’s run game against Georgia was absolutely stunning! If you are a Notre Dame fan it had to scare you. But if you are Notre Dame at least you have a chance to prove you are number one on the field and not by “style point”, a Russian judge’s score or an “eye test.” That’s all you can ask for. I can’t wait to see what happens!

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