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College Football Analysis: Getting to Know Georgia's Hutson Mason

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It's June, it's hot, and there's not much going on, other than the leaders of the only sport I truly care about going out of their way to once again screw up the postseason.  But, in order to promote a minimum amount of active learning, we take time to get to know the players of the SEC.  This way, when the featured player succeeds, fails, or is shown milling around in the background of a TV shot, you'll know that his greatest off-the-field accomplishment involves the sale and transportation of hobos.  Or in the case of Arkansas players, stolen laptops.

Selection of players and teams is done through a super-secret formula that consists of I'm in charge, will do as I please, and mind your own business.

#14 Hutson Mason, QB, Georgia

Some background information
Coming out of high school, Mason was all-everything this and that, setting a pair of single-season passing records in touchdowns (54) and yards (4,560).  He was also born in 1991, which, no matter how many times I see it, BLOWS MY MIND that people born in the '90s are now, like, doing stuff.  He could even legally obtain alcohol if the mood struck him.  Though, alcohol and Georgia football players don't always play nice together.

In December of 2011, Mason was seriously considering transferring from Georgia due to a lack of playing time behind starter Aaron Murray.  Or, perhaps, it dawned on him that Mike Bobo is Georgia's offensive coordinator and no one knows why or has offered an explanation as to why.  His thoughts on life with Mike Bobo are captured perfectly in the picture above.

Greatest on-the-field accomplishment
In Georgia's 59-0 win over Coastal Carolina (SEC scheduling, y'all!), Mason threw and ran for a touchdown.  In a close second, he engineered a garbage time drive against LSU in the SEC Championship Game, which started at the Georgia 20, that ended at the LSU 10 after four straight incompletions.

Greatest off-the-field accomplishment
Avoiding alcohol-related incidents, scooter accidents, and getting left in Destin at the end of spring break, then riding a Greyhound bus back to Athens

Way(s) in which he embarrassed himself, his family, team, and school
So far, he's not managed to draw the attention of the ever-vigilant Athens police department or find his way into a secondary NCAA violation, a hallmark of the Mark Richt era.

Size, talent, lives in Athens, plays in the SEC East, and gets to play Ole Miss this season

Coached by Mike Bobo and not better than Aaron Murray right now

What to expect in 2012
There's talk that Mason will redshirt this year, while serving as Murray's primary backup.  That means he'd be getting no garbage time appearances, but would get the call if Murray were injured for a significant period of time.  So, you'll most likely see him standing in the vicinity of Mark Richt on the sideline with a headset on, and maybe, just maybe, be the guy who signals in the plays.

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