College Football Analysis: Big East's Most Interesting Teams

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It's time for part three of our Big East college football roundtable.

On Saturday we discussed the two teams with new coaches (Rutgers and Pitt), on Monday we talked about who could take the mantle as the top team in the league and on Tuesday we talked about which players we are most excited to watch in 2012. Now it's time to break out our bonus question and leap forward to 2013. Joining us in our Big East discussion is our usual band of Zealots (including myself, Ross and Pete- who also writes for Big East Coast Bias) and Ken DeCelles from the USF Based Blog Voodoo Five.

QUESTION: Outside of Boise State, which team are you most excited about joining the Big East in 2013?

Ken:UCF, just for the fact that it'll be another close game that I can attend.

Pete: I’m excited about the Big East having a presence in Florida, Texas and California. For the criticism the league has taken, no other conference can make that claim. It’ll be easier to answer this question after watching each of the new additions for a full season, but for now I’ll say Central Florida.

Truthfully, the addition I’m most excited about is Navy in 2015.

Ross: Central Florida, if only to see them resume their rivalry with South Florida. I'm a sucker for in-state rivalry games and that one was particularly heated and had a fun "big brother vs. little brother" angle with South Florida ending the series a few years ago because they felt the series had become a lose-lose proposition for them. Now they'll be conference-mates again, which means the games are back on, which should be all kinds of exciting. No other team is stepping into the Big East with a ready-made rivalry like UCF-USF.

Kevin: When I think about the new teams that will enter the Big East, I wonder which teams will be the most competitive. I think Houston has proven that they can build a winning team and they have a rich recruiting base to build from. Obviously, Houston has a new coach this year but I think in the long-run they have the best chance to be successful in the new Big East and that's why they are the team I'm most excited about.

Come back on Monday as we discuss which team has the best shot at replacing West Virginia as the defacto figure-head for the Big East conference.

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