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College Football Analysis: Big East BCS Automatic Bids

Friday the Cards picked up their fifth win of the season and finished the regular season with a 5-2 Big East Conference record. The Cards finish their season with the best possible conference record and can do no worse than tie for a share of the conference title.

Friday night the Cards got a huge boost when West Virginia knocked Pittsburgh out of the race with a come from behind 21-20 win.

One team from the Big East Conference will get an automatic bid to a BCS bowl game this season and that is the team with the best record in conference play. There are four teams in the conference with two losses and a chance to tie clubhouse leader Louisville for a share of the Big East Title.

Louisville 5-2

Rutgers 4-2

West Virginia 4-2

Cincinnati 3-2

Of the three remaining teams left competing with the Cards for that title only Cincinnati has the head-to-head tiebreaker after beating the Cards in Cincinnati this year. The Cards knocked off Rutgers and West Virginia en route to their five wins.

The Cards have done their part and now must wait for everything else to shake out.

Below are the remaining games for teams in contention to tie for a Big East Title. Only Cincinnati can catch the Cards and pass them. However, if things fall into place for the Cards they could also end up with an out right title.

Cincinnati at Syracuse November 26

Rutgers at Connecticut November 26

West Virginia at South Florida December 1

Connecticut at Cincinnati December 3


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