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College Football: 13 Iowa Players Come Down with Muscle Disorder

In a strange story that will obviously unfold in the coming weeks, 13 members of the Iowa football team were diagnosed with a muscle disorder after being hospitalized this past week.

Upon completion of some of their offseason workouts, 13 players developed rhabdomyolysis -- a stress-induced muscle syndrome. At its worst, rhabdomyolysis can cause kidney failure and damage cells.

According to the school’s physician, John Stokes, all of the players that came down wit the disorder participated in tough exercise programs – something that commonly causes rhabdomyolysis in healthy, young athletes.

The University of Iowa has kept their responses to this situation very brief, though Stokes did offer this quote:

"I don't think I've seen 13 people get (it). … This cluster, I guess, would be unusual."

Medical officials maintain that all 13 players are in good condition, and should not suffer any side-effects from the disorder in the future.


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