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College Basketball Preview: Kentucky vs. Radford

Radford lost to Penn State, 62-46. Radford lost to Marist, 60-47. Kentucky beat Penn State, 85-47. Kentucky beat Marist, 108-58. Radford is not good. Last year they won their first two games against Emory & Henry and Methodist, and then proceeded to lose 24 of their final 27 games to finish the season at 5-24. They went 2-16 in Big South Conference play. Not good.

There is a reason they were picked to finish last in the Big South this season.

They do have a new head coach in Mike Jones and with the new head coach it meant that everyone had to earn their starting position, including returning starters from a year ago. With three wins already, it appears they might already be a little bit better off then a year ago. I guess. Here are some numbers through six games. Their 11.0 assists-per-game as a team rank 263rd in the land, their 61.2 points rank 289th and their .376 field goal percentage ranks 303rd. They just aren’t very good.

Sophomore guard Jareal Smith (6-3, 190) led the Highlanders in scoring last season with 9.4 points-per-game and is doing so again this year with 11.7. He takes a lot of shots to get his points. Last year he shot under 35-percent from the floor and this year is shooting right at 37-percent. He also continues to pull from deep even though he isn’t that great of a shooter. He made 21 three-pointers in 2010-11, but shot just 28-percent and this season is shooting just 9-for-29.

Underneath they rely on the senior forward Johnathan Edwards (6-8, 205). Edwards is playing about the same minutes that he did last year, but has really upped his point-production through six games. A season ago, he averaged just 6.8 points and this year he is just under 10 points a game. He is their best overall rebounder with 6.5 a game.

This will not be a challenge game at all. Spend your time focusing on Tennessee and their ugly ass orange uniforms. Let’s get a win on Saturday. #BeatTennessee


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