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College Basketball Players Given Scholarships Despite Robbery, Assault Charges

Three basketball players in Charleston, W. Va., were given scholarships to the University of Charleston despite violent criminals records for assault and robbery.

The victim, Andrew Rude, is suing the college because he says the Division II NCAA school knew about the players’ “violent criminal pasts” and "exercised poor, negligent and reckless judgment."

Rude, 58, claims three scholarship players, Quincy Luther Washington, Robert Keith Dreher and Terrell Lee Lipkins, "did violently, maliciously, intentionally and criminally assault and injure with the intent of robbing" him on April 21, 2013.

He suffered a fractured wrist and a cut on his scalp.

The three were arraigned in July, according to the Saturday Gazette Mail. They were charged with first-degree robbery, malicious wounding, and conspiracy. Lipkins and Washington were also charged with fraud with an access device.

In October, Lipkins and Dreher were sentenced in October to up to 2 years in a youth correctional facility. Washinton was reportedly sentenced to ten years in prison for the robbery charge.

Rude’s complaint states that the three players "had known or upon reasonable inquiry known violent criminal pasts outside of the State of West Virginia and without regard to such clear character flaws and with regard to said defendant's state admissions policies generally against admission of violent criminal offenders were received with open arms by defendant University of Charleston and allowed to reside rent-free at its Middle Hall, a dormitory located upon the campus of the University of Charleston, as scholarship athletes."

The complaints added "but for their professed athletic skills [they] would not have been admitted to the University of Charleston."

Rude is seeking punitive damages.

Sources: Courthouse News Service, Saturday Gazette Mail


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