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College Basketball Cheerleaders Brawl During Halftime (Video)

The Tuskegee and Albany State cheerleading and dance teams got into a wild brawl during halftime on March 3.

Their respective teams were playing in a SIAC basketball tournament in Birmingham, Alabama, noted

A bystander filmed some of the brawl on a cellphone (video below).

The SIAC released a statement on March 4:

The obligation to observe basic principles of sportsmanship and fair play extends to all participants at the SIAC basketball tournament. As a consequence of the incident on Tuesday, the cheerleading and dance teams from both Albany State University and Tuskegee University will not be permitted to participate in our tournament for the remainder of the week.

The cheerleading and dance teams were sent home after the fight, but the game resumed with Tuskegee winning 80-63. Tuskegee will advance to the semifinals against Morehouse.

The Associated Press notes that both schools have promised to investigate the incident and take appropriate action.

Sources: Associated Press,
Image Credit: SIAC via


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