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College Baseball Super Regional: South Carolina vs. Oklahoma Stopped for Rain Delay

We're in a rain delay.  After playing 5 innings in the rain last night, South Carolina's second game against Oklahoma was stopped for … rain.  An hour later the game was restarted, a half inning was played and the game was again halted for rain.  The hour delay was wholly unnecessary, and was terrible mismanagement by the NCAA.  During the rain delay, the actual amount and intensity of precipitation declined, and the game could have easily continued.  In a statement released after the game the NCAA tried to scapegoat the national weather service.

What now?  The game is scheduled to be resumed at 4:05 pm, but looking at the radar and forecasts that could change one way or another.  If I hear anything, I'll tweet it here, and Flounder is usually up to the minute as well, here.

Who has the advantage?  It's tough to tell, probably nobody.  Both teams had pitchers going well, but Holmes's pitch count was about 18 pitches lower, and he could have probably gone deeper.  On the other hand, the Sooners are facing elimination, and they might have left Gray out there longer than usual.

Sometimes variances favor the underdog.  An underdog is likely to lose because all other things being equal, they aren't as good as the favorite.  A variance, like an extended rain delay, changes all things being equal.

Other times variances favor the favorite.  A rain delay like this can tax the depth of an underdog's pitching staff and team in general.  Which one is right?  We'll know tonight.

Who is going to pitch?  For South Carolina Colby Holmes is finished.  He pitched well, too.  Evan Beal, Tyler Webb and Nolan Belcher are all possibilities.  If healthy, I think Forrest Koumas would be a good idea, but we'll see later.

For Oklahoma, I'm not as sure.  Gray is definitely done.  We could see Saturday's starter Jordan John try to throw a bit, or they could go straight to the bullpen, which likely means Steven Okert, the closer.

If any fans can make it to the 4 pm re-start and recreate a home field advantage that'd be to USC's great benefit.

If South Carolina loses the 4 pm game, the deciding game will happen at 7, weather permitting.

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