College Baseball Player Mattingly Romanin Struck by Skydiver (Video)


A skydiver parachuting onto Clemens Field in Hannibal, Missouri on Saturday afternoon ended the season for Mattingly Romanin.

The Hannibal Cavemen shortstop was injured by one of three skydivers, who jumped while the college players stood for the national anthem.

While landing, the unidentified skydiver's foot accidentally struck Romanin in the face, noted The Slate (video below).

Ironically, the players had been told not to move because they might get hit by a skydiver. Romanin obeyed and paid the price.

He went ahead and played the summer league game, but his headaches got worse that night. Romanin was told by a doctor on Monday that he had suffered a concussion. That's when the ball player decided to end his season.

“Obviously I was a little upset and kind of frustrated about how the whole situation developed,” Romanin told The Associated Press. “It was a freak accident. It happens. There’s nothing really I can do, I’ve just got to move on and make sure I’m healthy and ready to play.”

Source: The Associated Press and The Slate


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