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College Baseball Coach Suspended for Profane Rant, Gets Reinstated (Video)

Cal State Fullerton baseball coach Rick Vanderhook was placed on paid administrative leave on April 17, but returned a month later.

At the time of his suspension, the California college issued a press release that said: “The University has received allegations that it is obligated to review,” noted the OC Register.

The reason for the suspension was not known until documents and two videos were obtained from Cal State Fullerton via the California Public Records Act by

The videos were of Coach Vanderhook allegedly screaming profanity at his players, which is also mentioned in the docs.

Cal State Fullerton was a top-ranked in Division I college baseball when they stumbled in the beginning of the season. After a loss to UC Santa Barbara on April 13, Coach Vanderhook reportedly cursed at his players.

It's not clear who actually recorded the videos, which were sent by a female student-athlete to an assistant athletics director at Cal State Fullerton on April 14.

Coach Vanderhook was placed on leave after his team lost again on April 17.

In the first video, Coach Vanderhook reportedly called his players "mother f------" several times.

In the second video (below), Coach Vanderhook is apparently warning his team about an upcoming game against Cal Poly San Luis Obispo when he curses at them.

"They're going to be up your a-- so far next weekend with a sellout every night," Coach Vanderhook states. "You don't think your f----- shriveled balls are gonna go up inside you? You should get castrated before you get there. Because they're gonna f----- be right up in you—those people are gonna be all over your a--, because you have short-term memories. You can't think. Start thinking. And provide some f------- leadership, suckers."

After Cal State Fullerton got the recordings, they spoke with all 32 baseball players, but according to the school's report 28 players "did not find Vanderhook's style to be offensive. The majority of them felt that Vanderhook, per his contract, was professional, collegial, mature, rational and positive. The majority of them said his style is motivating, makes them tough and teaches them how to be a man."

However, the school did get some angry emails from parents who saw the videos, one of whom wrote, "If Vanderhook is back for another season, I will take this video to the media and my son will sue for verbal abuse/harassment."

The school's report also claims Coach Vanderhook locked players, who made a mistake, in a port-a-potty and forced them to scream, "Ball, ball, ball!" until he let them out.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Cal State Fullerton Athletic Director James Donovan said in a statement in May that Coach Vanderhook was reinstated and "received appropriate counsel regarding his conduct."

Coach Vanderhook added, "Players and coaches alike are accountable for their actions on and off the field. I regret my behavior in this instance, and its impact on the program and on the university."

Sources: OC Register,, The Los Angeles Times


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