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College Baseball Coach Goes on Profane Locker Room Rant, Resigns (Audio)

Scott Norwood resigned his position as baseball coach at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) on Monday.

Norwood offered his resignation after the college investigated a claim of physical and sexual harassment made against him by former assistant coach Cole Gordon back in April, noted

After conducting an investigation, UALR said that Gordon's claims against Norwood were "without merit" in a letter to the former assistant coach on May 30.

Even though he was cleared, Norwood still resigned.

"I want to thank Scott for all of his efforts over the past six years and wish him the best in his future endeavors," UALR Athletic Director Chris Peterson said in a press release on Monday.

"I appreciate the opportunities that I have been given at UALR," Norwood said in the same release. "I wish UALR success in the future."

However, that amicable parting has been brought into question after an audio tape (below) surfaced today.

According to, the audio is Norwood cursing at his players after UALR defeated Southeast Missouri State on Feb. 18.

"This s--- right here, [pitcher Cody] Stringer, is all your s---, right?" yells Norwood. "That's all of this s--- that you f------- can't take your f-------- little p-----a--- out there to pick up."

Later, Norwood yells at pitcher Travis McDonald for supposedly not paying attention.

"I'm right f----- here," screams Norwood.

"I'm looking right at you," McDonald responds.

"You know you aren't, don't you f------- talk back to me today," yells Norwood. "Get—hey, you wanna look down, then get the f--- out of here. I'll find someone else to pitch tomorrow. You wanna f------- go now? There's the f------- door, son. Get the f---- out if you don't like it."


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