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College Baseball Analysis: Columbia Regional Quick Hits

South Carolina beat Clemson in 12 innings on Saturday afternoon 5-4.  With the win, South Carolina awaits the winner of the Clemson - Coastal Carolina game to be played at noon.  The Gamecocks will play the winner at 4 o'clock or 50 minutes after the end of the first game, whichever is later.

Who will pitch for South Carolina?  Jordan Montgomery will get the start.  It has been the plan for the whole regional that he would start game 3, so all is going according to plan.  Matt Price is probably unavailable as is Roth and Holmes.  Nolan Belcher will probably be the first out of the bullpen.  Webb may be available for a short outing, and Beal would be in a similar position.

Who will the opponent pitch?  I have no idea.  Either will be playing their 4th game and had to deal with a rain delay on Friday.  It will be probably be a reliever or several relievers pitching.

What's the rest of the tournament set up?  If South Carolina wins, they are regional champions.  If they lose, there will be another game on Monday to determine the regional.

Will we win?  Since I don't know who the opponent will be, that's a little tough to guess, but after Saturday do you want to bet against these guys?

Check with Flounder, Moose and me for updates through out the day.

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