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College Baseball Analysis: Breaking Down the SEC

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With one weekend left, here are the SEC East baseball standings:

East                               GB

Kentucky               18-9   -

South Carolina      17-9 .5

Florida                   16-11 2

South Carolina lost control of their own destiny by losing on Saturday and having Sunday rained out.  Here are the scenarios for each of the three teams left in the race to win the East.

For Kentucky to win a share…They simply have to win as many games as South Carolina does and don't get swept.  A sweep guarantees them the outright title, and two games would eliminate Florida.

For South Carolina to win a share…They have to win one more game than Kentucky does this weekend, and they have to win at least one less game than Florida.

For Florida to win a share…They have to win two more games than Kentucky and two more games than South Carolina.  If South Carolina or Kentucky wins their series this weekend Florida cannot catch them.

For those who enjoy scoreboard watching or want to know all of the weekend scenarios, here they are and what South Carolina must do to win the East and the overall conference implications.

#1: Kentucky sweeps.  Other series don't matter.  Kentucky wins the East and the SEC overall.

#2: Kentucky wins two of three.  South Carolina must sweep.  Florida would be eliminated, and USC could win the East and conference overall.

#3: Kentucky wins one of three.  South Carolina would win the East and SEC overall with a series win against LSU.  Florida could tie Kentucky with a sweep of their own.

#4: Kentucky is swept.  South Carolina can win the East with one win, so long as Florida doesn't sweep.  The Gamecocks wouldn't win the SEC overall in that scenario, LSU would.

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