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Colin Kaepernick has to Come Back Down to Earth at Some Point, Right?

It’s not supposed to be this easy.

You’re not supposed to become the starter of a team in your second year, over a veteran who is leading the league is passing efficiency.

You’re not supposed to set multiple records in your first career playoff game and come from behind on the road to win your second career playoff game. 

You’re not supposed to have 20 total touchdowns compared to four interceptions through your first nine starts (postseason included).

Your 10th career start isn’t supposed to be in the Super Bowl.

Apparently Colin Kaepernick didn’t get that memo.

While Kaepernick has admittedly been taking the NFL over week-by-week, people keep wondering when “reality” will set in. After all, it’s not going to continue to be this easy, right?

I mean, there is just no way that a 2nd year quarterback out of Nevada University can continue to post 90+ passer ratings seven out of every nine weeks. After all, this league is too good for that kind of immediate success to continue.

Yet here we are.

No “duel threat” quarterback goes on the road and wins shootouts against Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Matt Ryan before their 10th career start. That’s just not how this league works; defenses are just too smart and fast for that kind of quarterback to be that successful.

All of these reasons are why we keep waiting for the unavoidable ‘letdown’….

…and waiting…and waiting.

While we’re waiting for that letdown to come though, we just have to assume that for Colin Kaepernick, it really is THAT easy.

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