Cole: McNabb is Not Difficult to Play Against


Nothing like giving Donovan McNabb more motivation before a big division game. As if McNabb wasn’t hell bent enough to show everyone that his benching was a bunch of crap, now he can get fired up by the comments of former teammate Trent Cole.

Cole went on SIRIUS NFL Radio on Friday and basically said that McNabb isn’t tough to play against.

“Yeah, I think I’ll say no, he’s not that difficult a quarterback to play against. Because I think we should have won that game,” Cole said. “This past game we played against them, we should have won. Like I said, I just think he’s not a difficult quarterback to play against.”

Cole, who has seven sacks this year, suggested that if the Eagles just play their game, they’ll handle McNabb just fine.

“I’ve seen what our team can do to that team. I know what we can do. We just didn’t execute,” Cole said. “He’s a good quarterback — I didn’t say he was bad — he’s a good quarterback and he’s done great things over time. But now, talking about bad, I feel like our team can go in there and stop all that. We can go in there and win that game.”

We can’t imagine that someone will tell Donovan what Cole said in an effort to start a war of words. Won’t happen.


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