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Coach Is Shirtless After Wild Russian Hockey Brawl (Video)

A wild brawl broke out during a minor league hockey playoff game in Russia between THC and Izhstal.

The incident began when THC coach Alex Zhdahin disputed a call by a referee. When Izhstal coaches walked over to join the discussion, one of them reportedly touched Zhdahin.

That led to a confrontation between Zhdahin and Izhstal coach Andrei Razin, which sparked a brawl involving both teams, noted Yahoo Sports (video below).

As the crowd cheered, Razin lost, or took off, his shirt, tie and jacket during the fight.

He suffered a cut above his left eye, but the shirtless coach flexed for the crowd and made it onto the ice where he continued to debate with referees, according to The Big Lead.

Razin eventually got his clothes back on, but both teams got 20 minutes worth of penalties and the coaches were apparently ejected.

Izhstal was victorious in overtime, 3-2.

The NHL's Philadelphia Flyers drafted Razin in 2001, but he chose to play in Russia.

(Note: Fight begins at 60 second mark.)

Sources: Yahoo! Sports, The Big Lead
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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