A Closer Look at the Seattle Seahawks' Wide Receiver Situation

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It’s preseason week three in the NFL and people are still talking about Terrell Owens. For T.O., that’s probably a good thing. The enigmatic wideout trying to make a comeback after missing the entire 2011 season had his first two catches of the preseason totaling 41-yards in the Seattle Seahawks 44-14 win against the Kansas City Chiefs Friday night. Since one of his catches was for 1-yard and not worth talking about, I’ll show you the 40-yard over the shoulder catch.

Listening to many of the pundits you’ll hear that Braylon Edwards has outplayed T.O. in practice. Furthermore they say that only one of them will make the roster, not both. I don’t see it that way.

The Seahawks have 13-wide receivers in camp and will carry six or seven wide receivers when the season opens. Sidney Rice, Ben Obomanu, Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin will most certainly all make the roster, but what other notable options besides both Edwards and Owens do they have? Deon Butler? Kris Durham? Despite what you hear, there is room for both Owens and Edwards on this roster. And despite what you hear, the bigger pain in the ass in NFL locker rooms is Edwards, not T.O.

Barring injury Doug Baldwin will prove to be the best Seattle Seahawks receiver this season; he’ll get the most playing time and have the most yards and TD’s. For you Fantasy Football aficionado’s, write that down as Baldwin will unquestionably cross the 1,000 yard threshold. After that, the wideout position in Seattle is one big mess and you are bound to see a combination of any one, two or three other guys out there at any point in time.

I say T.O. makes the roster and I think that Edwards probably does too. Can they be useful and productive this season? While I wouldn’t draft either of them on my Fantasy team, they certainly can be productive enough to play a role on this team.

If T.O. does get cut he can always sign with the New York Jets, lord knows they need a wide receiver.  Hey, how great would the Jets locker room be with T.O. in the mix? Think I’m crazy? The Jets have become a PR freak show the likes of what Al Davis could only have dreamed of. Why not add T.O. to the misfits of the East? And you know he would room with Tim Tebow on the road…

Update: So much for that. T.O. has been cut.

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