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A Closer Look at How Tim Tebow Did It Again vs. Jets

Ask any member of the New York Jets and they will tell you that there’s no more demoralizing play to a defense and a team then when a quarterback fades back to pass, the defense blankets the receivers, the pass rush flushes the quarterback out so he can’t stand in the pocket, and the quarterback scrambles for a first down or touchdown.

Tebow is different than some of the other scrambling QB’s in the respect that when he leaves the pocket, he’s a running back in a tight end sized body, not a QB. There’s no sliding to avoid contact in his game unless he’s trying to stay in bounds and run out the clock. Unless he’s going up against a defensive lineman, chances are that he’s bigger than the defender attempting to tackle him. Prime example; Thursday night he ran right through Darrelle Revis’s attempted tackle on “The Drive”. Most NFL QB’s would have gone feet first.

Tebow may not move the ball through the traditional means you think of when you think of elite NFL quarterbacks, but what’s the difference if he shovel passes the ball for 15-yards or throw a 15-yard out, it’s still 15-yards right? Who cares if Tebow throws an inside slant for a crucial first down or just runs it himself? Does it matter if he fades back to pass and ends up scrambling his way for a gain the same distance the Broncos would have gotten if he completed a pass? Who cares Tim Tebow throws a 20-yard skinny post for the winning TD or runs it in around the left edge for 20-yards? It’s still counts a six points right?

With John Elway looking down I just couldn’t help make the analogy here. No this wasn’t a playoff game and no I’m not being sacrilegious and suggesting that Tebow’s prowess as an NFL QB will parallel Elway’s, but for a kid who so many say can’t play quarterback in the NFL, he sure knows how to get the job done when the money is on the line.

It certainly wasn’t pretty and for 55 minutes Tim Tebow looked over matched, like he had no clue, but we seem to be saying that almost every week now. And with the game on the line, Tebow did what Tim Tebow does and moved the ball 95-yards for the winning TD. That’s now 4-1 this season for the Denver Broncos with the kid they say can’t play QB at this level. Not too shabby.

Unfortunately for me I’m a Jets fan, but to be perfectly honest; while the constant praying and thanking the lord is a bit much to take, it’s hard not to root for the kid. Everyone likes to root for the underdog and that’s Tim Tebow.

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