A Closer Look at the Beef Between Frank Warren and Barry Hearn

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A war of words between rival promoters Frank Warren and Barry Hearn, the maestros of modern British boxing promotion, has hit the news in recent weeks regarding the value and honour of the scheduled Warren-promoted David Haye vs Dereck Chisora ‘freakshow’ fight that will take place under license of the Luxemburg Boxing Board of Control.

'The ruling should go out to the promoters that should they get involved in that fight they will no longer be allowed to operate within the rules of the (British) Board,’ Hearn insists.

One great of the past who was promoted by both Hearn and Warren in his career was British born/based Chris ‘Simply The Best’ Eubank, a legend of the 90s. I asked Chris this weekend for his views on each of the rival promoter supremos.

‘If you took a knife and cut through the flesh of Barry’s arm then you would see Eubank engraved on his bone. Same with Ronnie Davies. He is the only one who believed in me before I made it. He looked for cocksurity while the others looked for obedience. I made him the top British promoter for a time, then we fell out and he fell off.

‘With Warren it was just business. He had the connections and got me four world championship fights off of losses, which is unheard of. It was Frank Bruno, a mutual friend, who put us together. I shouldn’t have been earning what I was earning as a losing boxer but Warren turned the traditions on their head and was a money man.

‘Barry was a blinding fellow and we had the best of times together.’

And Chris’ opinion on the Haye/Chisora debacle?

‘It’s what people want, so give it to them. From time immemorial, prize fighting has been a business. Controversy is good for boxing, because it puts it in the news. What Mayweather Jr did two fights ago, and what David did in the press conference; fantastic, it’s what boxing needs to keep it going and it needed this fight to happen.

‘When Mike Tyson bit the ear of Evander Holyfield, it did far more good than bad for the game as a whole. Get over it.’

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