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NBA: Clippers Sending Baron Davis to Bobcats?

Oh, that Larry Brown. Brown is one of the best teachers of the game of basketball in the history of the game. But, he isn’t the best talent evaluator. He wants his type of guys and his type of guys only.

The story now is that the Charlotte Bobcats, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, really wanted to get Brooke Lopez at No. 9 overall in 2008. So much so, that when he fell to them, someone from the Bobcats called Lopez’ agent and told him to get ready to walk to the podium. The only problem?

Larry Brown wouldn’t stop protesting. He didn’t want Lopez, he wanted D.J. Augustin. Finally, Michael Jordan relented and they took Augustin.

Now? Brown is fired and Jordan is planning on getting rid of the guy he never wanted in the first place. A source tells Wojnarowski that there are discussion between the Bobcats and Los Angeles Clippers about a trade that would send Augustin, DeSagana Diop and Matt Carroll to L.A. in exchange for Baron Davis, who is routinely heckled at home games by the team’s owner.

Don’t forget that new coach Paul Silas used to work with Davis, and probably loves the thought of getting him back. No way in hell could Brown have ever coached Davis. We’ll see what happens there.

Oh, and as far as another Larry Brown draft story, there was a great one out of Philly in 1998. With the No. 8 pick, there were still some studs on the board. Brown really wanted Larry Hughes, while supposedly there were several other team executives slamming on tables as to why they should take Dirk Nowitski or Paul Pierce, who went No. 9 and No. 10 respectively.

From all Philadelphia fans….thank you, Larry! Either of those two guys paired with Allen Iverson would have given the Sixers a much better chance to beat L.A. in 2001.


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