Clippers Fans Throw Cups, Bottles At Refs After Blown Calls

How mad were Clippers fans at referee Ed Malloy last night? Mad enough to launch projectiles at him.

Lakers columnist Kevin Dang tweeted that multiple fans threw beverages at Malloy last night after he called two very questionable offensive fouls against the Clippers.

The first call went against Chris Paul. With 3:34 left in the fourth quarter, Paul drove to the hoop for a layup. While Paul was in the air, Thunder center Steven Adams jumped directly into him. Obviously a foul on Adams, right? Nope. When Paul threw his arms up in the air to protect himself, Malloy blew the whistle and called Paul for an offensive foul. The Staples Center erupted in boos, as it should have.

On the Clippers' next possession, Blake Griffin was flying down the court on a fast break. When he got to the hoop, he jumped at the same moment Kevin Durant squared to defend him. Griffin was called for an offensive foul.

The call was a bang-bang play, but Clippers fans were having none of it after the blown call on Paul moments before.  Fans started throwing cups and water bottles at Malloy, and it's almost hard to blame them.

There are always terrible calls in the NBA playoffs, but the Clippers seemed to be on the wrong of a ton of them this postseason. One of these blown calls cost them a win in game 5, and that’s not deniable.

There’s always next year, Clippers. Assuming Doc Rivers returns, the Clippers will once again have one of the league’s best coaches paired with two bonafide superstars on their team. You've got to wonder what the team could have done this year without one of the biggest scandals in league history looming over their heads. 


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