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MLB Analysis: Cliff Lee Playing it Cool, Watching Offers Come In

Texas Rangers present LHP Cliff Lee with 'menu of multiple offers'

That's the headline plastered all over the internet as we wait for the Yankees, Rangers and whoever else is interested to all try to out-do each other.

I think it's important to note here that Cliff lee is being represented by Darek Braunecker who by all accounts is one of the very best agents involved in the game of baseball. Consider the fact that it is Braunecker who was able to get A.J Burnett a five-year a $82.5 million contract and you can quickly see that Braunecker is every bit as good and the headline grabbing Scott Boras at his job, just without the fanfare. In fact, if you are either negotiating your salary in a new position at work, negotiating the sale or purchase of a piece of real estate or other asset, you would be well served to try to get Braunecker to represent you.

Here's the brilliant strategy that Cliff Lee and his agent have taken. They are doing nothing. Heck of a plan isn't it? Lee and his agent know that the best thing that they can do for themselves is do nothing and let the Yankees, Rangers and or whoever else is bidding for Lee's services keep tripping over themselves trying to out-do one another. There is no real pressing time-table here as they literally have months to let this fester and stew if they want to.

To the extent that Lee can be assured that he doesn't hurt himself while sitting home projecting his fortunes and what he's going to do with it, Lee would be well served to wait as long as humanly possible. Heck, if I were Lee I would just rent a ranch house somewhere where there was no risk of falling up or down stairs, and I would stay there and do nothing but watch TV and surf the internet. No correct that, I would have someone else do that for me so that I didn't harm my eye sight or develop carpal tunnel syndrome. I would probably exercise a bit to keep in shape, but only briskly and I would make certain to stay smack in the middle of a room with and absolutely nothing in it so that I would be certain of nothing falling on me or knocking into anything. I might even go so far as making certain there was no sharp molding in the room and possibly pad the floor, four walls, and maybe even the ceiling (hey, you can never be to safe.)

By now Lee most certainly has an insurance policy on every part of his personal being so that in the unlikely event that he so much as pulled an eye lid blinking that the certainty of getting paid has been protected. If there is one thing I would suggest to Cliff that his agent may not have (and he probably has) it's that he practice abstinence. While sex may seem like the thing to do while celebrating his soon to be fortunes as he tries to pass the time while offers keep going up in both duration and annual pay, it's probably the only thing that can do him in at this point. There is no need risking injury to an already temperamental lower back (remember he hurt it last season and pitched very poorly for a number of starts.)

We called Cliff Lee's representatives to make certain that they had this covered and while they have not yet returned our call, they did send an email thanking us for the advice and assuring us that he has already been advised to "take multiple cold showers" per day.

You are probably already familiar with Cliff's wife Kristen as she's recently been in the news with regard to being harassed at Yankee Stadium during this year's ALCS. Here's the lovely just before leaving their agents office.

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