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MLB News: Cliff Lee Fallout, Yankees, Pettitte

With Lee's departure, the Texas Rangers may look to move closer Neftali Feliz from the bullpen to the rotation. The plan was to make the young fire-baller a starter all along but he did a Jon Paplebon on them and was simply too valuable to remove during the season as they were in contention

The other prevailing thought with regard to pitching is that Texas may attempt to acquire 2009 AL Cy Young Award winner Zack Greinke in a trade from the Kansas City Royals as the young right hander is being advertised as on the block this winter.

Oddly enough, the Yankees (although they have concerns about Greinke's make-up and pitching in the big city) will likely once again be going up against the Rangers for the services of the same pitcher as they now have a pitching need to fill too (that they thought would be filled by Cliff Lee.) Unfortunately for the Yankees, Zack Greinke is clearly the best pitcher left that is known to be available; at any price.

One would think that for the same reasons the Yankees would have preferred to not to have to go after Greinke, that Zack would also prefer not to go to NY. Could the Yankees end up over bidding for two different players in one off season and not getting them either time? It sure looks that way.

While many would consider the Phillies and Lee winners here, the real winner might be Andy Pettitte as one would think the Yankees will now do whatever it takes (literally) to make certain Pettite doesn't retire. Cha-Ching!

There is talk that the Yankees may have signed catcher Russell Martin today> One would think that since the Yankees had set aside $140 million to spend on Lee, that the money will now be spend taking gambles trying to catch lightning in a bottle adding all sorts of guys. I don't know anyone who thinks that Yankees will just sit there and let the money burn a hole in their pocket.

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