Cleveland Newspaper Rejects Dan LeBatard's Ad Calling Out LeBron


Talking head Dan LeBatard had his bid to troll LeBron James with an ad in the Cleveland-based Plain Dealer rejected yesterday.

LeBatard, a fervent Miami sports fans, wanted to buy space for a full-page ad in the Plain Dealer calling out LeBron for not thanking Miami fans for their support during his run with the Heat.

The ad was going to say “You’re welcome, LeBron” with “Sincerely, Miami fans” written at the bottom. In between the two lines was going to be a picture of two championship rings.

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LeBatard raised money to purchase the ad through a Kickstarter campaign. LeBatard informed his fans of the ad's rejection yesterday.

"They have declined our money," LeBatard said. "They do not want our money. They will not allow us to put our ad in the paper."

LeBatard has now turned his efforts to getting the ad in the Akron Beacon-Journal. Something tells me the Beacon-Journal's staff won't be receptive to the idea either. 



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