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Cleveland Indians Bring Back, Pull 'Chief Wahoo' Baseball Cap

To celebrate Independence Day, Major League Baseball teams are planning to wear special baseball caps that feature their logo with the Stars and Stripes on the Fourth of July.

New Era Caps, which produces official MLB baseball caps, is drawing outrage after releasing an image of the Cleveland Indians' patriotic cap with the Chief Wahoo logo.

The Indians have come under fire because of the Chief Wahoo logo, which some critics say is a racist Native American caricature.

However, now it appears that Chief Wahoo won't be mixing with the Stars and Stripes.

Business Insider reports: "According to a source at Major League Baseball, New Era Caps released the wrong image, believing all teams would use their primary logo. Instead, the Indians will actually wear a cap with their block-C logo."

The Atlanta Braves courted a similar controversy in December 2012 when the team considered bringing back their "Screaming Savage" logo baseball cap before settling on their new "A" logo cap in February 2013, reported USA Today.

Source: Business Insider and USA Today


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