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Cleveland Cavaliers to Fire Mike Brown?

Numerous sources are reporting that the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to fire Mike Brown and his entire coaching staff this week.

While they have not officially been let go yet, the consensus around the league seems to be that Brown and his group will be shown the door soon. Despite leading the Cavaliers to a 278-138 regular-season record and a 42-29 mark in the playoffs, the team’s inability to beat the Boston Celtics this year in the second round ultimately proved to be Brown’s undoing.

The 2009 NBA Coach of the Year and the rest of his staff are still under contract with the Cavaliers, and as such, cannot pursue job openings with other teams. That being said, it is believed that if let go by the Cavs, Brown would become a desired candidate to coach another team.

Translation: Mike Brown will join the other mediocre NBA coaches in the league who get fired every few years, then rotate to another team, then get fired again, then rotate to another team again, and so forth.

Brown’s shortcomings as the head coach of the Cavs have been well documented. His offensive game plan consisted of a nifty play called Give the Ball to LeBron James and Pray.

The Cavaliers coaching staff’s poor strategizing became particularly apparent when facing the Boston Celtics. Tom Thibideau, the Celtics’ defensive mastermind was able to easily adjust to the only plays that the Cavaliers would run against them. The Cavs would either run pick-and-pops with James and one of their inept big men, pick-and-rolls with James and one of their inept big men, or just the old fashioned when-in-doubt-jack-up-a-shot.

To be fair, everyone knew coming in that Brown’s major strength was his defensive strategizing, not offensive. The problem is that he still hasn’t built a defensive team in Cleveland compareable to that which the San Antonio Spurs used to win their titles, or the Detroit Pistons managed to build during their one-year championship run.

An slightly above average defense and a below average offense is not the recipe for championship success.

Brown has become a liability to the Cavaliers when it comes to resigning James. Cleveland needs a coach that can utilize their unique strengths and minimize their glaring weaknesses. The team does not have the money to get new talent to surround the King with, so they have to get a coach that will make the best out of what he is given.

Brown is not that man.

Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant had Phil Jackson. Magic Johnson and Dwyane Wade had Pat Riley. Tim Duncan had Gregg Popovich.

It’s time to give James his own hall of fame coach.

On May 14, Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert told reporters that he was in the process of evaluating the entire coaching staff. The process was to take 10 days.

Monday will mark 10 days since Gilbert issued that statement.

Expect for the Cavaliers to start searching for a new coach in the coming week.


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