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Clemson’s Dabo Swinney Takes a Shot at South Carolina, Steve Spurrier

South Carolina and Clemson are in different leagues. Literally, these two teams play in completely different leagues. The Gamecocks do their work in the SEC, and the Tigers do theirs in the ACC.

Beyond that, though, they’re also in different leagues as far as status goes. South Carolina is a legitimate National Championship contender playing in college football’s toughest conference; Clemson is a nifty little squad who is mostly just a medium-sized fish in a small pond. There is absolutely no reason for these schools or any of their representatives to be taking shots at one another.

Apparently their coaches didn’t get the memo, though. Steve Spurrier’s and Dabo Swinney’s little exchange, as you would expect, was initiated by the former.

Steve Spurrier: "Most our players have never been to Death Valley. That is the Death Valley isn’t it? Is there another one around?"

— Josh Kendall (@JoshatTheState) October 9, 2012

And of course Swinney couldn’t just let that pass.

“I heard about that. It’s amazing people are interested in Clemson so much,” Swinney said (via The Big Lead).

“For the record, the original Death Valley is right here (pointing behind him to the stadium). In case anybody has any doubts, its right here. That’s the original Death Valley. I am pretty sure that is accurate, but I can see where he might have a little confusion. Our guys have never been to USC. California is a long way from here. I can see where there might be a little confusion there – two Death Valleys and two USC’s, but there is only one real one. That is classic Spurrier. When he is winning, you can say anything you want. He is one of the best. He has had more lines than anyone probably will. They have a heck of a football team I will tell you that.”

So there you have it.

Is this the worst beef in college football history, or the worst beef in college football history?

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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