Clemson Quarterback Tries to Scare People, Gets Shoved, Slapped (Video)


The Clemson Tigers football team recently put up three mannequins in the WestZone at Memorial Stadium to display the team's new equipment and jerseys.

Clemson quarterback Cole Stoudt pretended to be the fourth mannequin by dressing in his uniform and placing a visor under his face mask.

As unsuspecting teammates, staff and fans walked by, Stoudt would suddenly scare them (video below).

Clemson and described the prank as "fun," but left out some awkward reactions.

Two of the men that Stoudt tried to scare ended up shoving and slapping him, noted

However, concluded, "Stoudt scared everyone from teammates to fans with this stunt. If his quarterback play is as good as this prank, then Clemson could be in for a good season."

If the fawning press reaction is any measure, Stoudt will have a good season no matter what happens on the field.

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