Clearly the Oakland Raiders are in Big Trouble


I'm not a Raiders fan. However, I would never say that I hate Raiders fans...some of my best friends are Raiders fans!

They suffered through the years of Al Davis being, in their own estimation...a brilliant eccentric owner who sometimes made brilliant decisions...the owner of a funny franchise...a crazy old man who is ruining the franchise.

And now, sadly, Al Davis is gone, but with all of the fresh blood that the NFL and primogeniture allows, the Raiders' have a new owner, and he's Mark Davis. He'll turn things around. He is his father's son, with his moxie, his courage, and the years and years of experience of growing up at the feet of one of the NFL's most unorthodox thinkers.

Good times are here again, for Oakland fans. And then they met Mark Davis. And they all thought*, "Hey, isn't that Nick Swardson as Bucky Larson in that movie no one saw but everyone hated?"

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Now, I'll never judge a man by his haircut, unless he is a freaking multi-millionaire, in which case, I will. And in this case, GUH. Good luck, Oakland Raiders!

Good news, Oakland Raider Nation: the 17th century Dutch boy who is dressed as a 21st century, sixty-five year old man has hired a pretty incredible support staff made up almost entirely of former Green Bay Packers. Presumably, Mark Davis is going to be too busy trying to replicate the experiments in Weird Science (who can blame him for that?) to give a you-know-what about actually running an NFL franchise, and that's fantastic news for those who want to see the Raiders succeed.

*I would have been shocked if I were the first person to make this connection. I wasn't.


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