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Clay Matthews Rightfully Blames Crying Packers Fan Girl for Loss vs. Giants

The Green Bay Packers played their worst game of the year last weekend and ended up falling to the New York Giants in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs. If you made the Packers and Giants play that game nine more times – it’s a virtual guarantee that last year’s Super Bowl champs would not even come close to being that awful again. Therein lies the beauty of the postseason, though. You only need one good (or bad) game to validate (or wreck) a team/season.

You could probably point to any one of a number of things and pin Green Bay’s loss on that. The team was struck by tragedy mid-week. The wide receivers had an absolutely horrid game where they couldn’t catch anything. Aaron Rodgers seemed uncomfortable – scrambling way more than we typically see him doing. The defense was unimpressive.

But the most important and undoubtedly legitimate reason that the Packers lost last weekend was Megan, the Clay Matthews jersey wearing, sparkles sporting superfan who starred in this magnificent video. Clearly she is to blame for what transpired last weekend, as Matthews himself noted on Twitter today (via Yahoo! Sports):

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He’s right – it’s all your fault, Megan. Seek penance by buying up as much worthless Packers stock as you can.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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