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Clay Guida Thinks Fans Misunderstood His Strategy vs. Gray Maynard

After dropping a five-round split decision to Gray Maynard this past weekend, Clay Guida remains unapologetic for his decision to employ a largely evasive strategy against "Bully."

By doing so, Guida visibly irritated his opponent Maynard, who twice flipped the "Carpenter" the bird during the fight, as well as drew the ire of UFC president Dana White and heaps of fans.

Regardless, Guida wanted to let fans know that there was a big difference between getting on his bicycle and sticking and moving, and felt the strategy he employed was enough to go home with the 'W.'

"I think sometimes judges get the misconception of what mixed martial arts really is," Guida told "The guy who gets hit the least usually is the victor. (It was) five rounds of fun… I know Gray had a good time out there – I saw the frustration in his face. That was the plan… I felt confident in my combinations, but the dude hits like a Mack truck, and I didn't want to be there for too much of it."

Despite employing a stick and move strategy, after five rounds, Maynard had successfully landed more strikes than Guida, and with a higher rate of accuracy to boot. According to FightMetric, the "Carpenter" landed 49 strikes with approximately 15% accuracy to Maynard's 52 at about 23% on mark. Not to mention, Maynard dropped his hands in frustration to allow Guida to hit him with a three-punch combination in the fourth round.

Although he started the fight as the obvious crowd favorite, Guida drew plenty of boos in the later rounds, as well as a warning for timidity from referee Dan Miragliotta. The "Carpenter" knows what some fans want and to an extent, and could care less, as remained resolute in his rationale for fighting "smart."

"The goombahs in the crowd – the boos motivate me, and I was just getting into my groove. (Should I use) the game plan that they're used to from me, playing Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and getting my head kicked off or punched in the face? Or stick to a smart strategy and don't be there for big punches? I like my game plan that Greg and Coach (Mike Winkeljohn) and (Israel Martinez) came up with."

Despite doing enough to convince one New Jersey judge he did enough to get the nod, the remaining two handed Clay Guida his second straight loss in the 155 lb. division, likely forcing the "Carpenter" to the back of the line for the title in the UFC's ultracompetitive lightweight division.

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