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NFL Analysis: Problems Continue for Clausen

Remember the 2010 NFL Draft? Remember how so many people thought that Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen was a good bet to go to the Washington Redskins at No. 4 overall? Well, that didn’t happen, and he slid all the way down to No. 16…in the second round.

What makes matters worse for Clausen, is that he had an awful rookie year and now has a head coach, who had nothing to do with bringing him in. And Ron Rivera seems to be like the rest of us: Not sold on Clausen.

“There are absolutely no promises but the opportunity to compete,” Rivera told the Chicago Tribune.

How quickly things change. If someone grabbed Clausen earlier in the draft, he’d be paid much more and would have to be given about three or four more chances. Now? He’s just a guy with a year of bad football on tape and a new coach who has no allegiances to him.

Making matters worse is the impending lockout. Any time missed is time that Clausen doesn’t get to work with his new coaches and system to get ready for 2011.

“It’ll be tough,” Rivera told the Charlotte Observer. “Hopefully, we’ll get an opportunity to visit with him and continue to visit with him. And when that chance comes to get a feel for him and understand him and really look at him prior to the decision-making process.”

Clausen played in 13 games last year, completing 52.5% of his passes and totaling a 58.4 passer rating. He threw three touchdowns and nine INT’s.


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