City of Lincoln Prepares for Nebraska Cornhuskers Football

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In Lincoln, they don’t care if it’s just the Chattanooga Mocs coming to town. In fact, they wouldn’t even care if their Nebraska Cornhuskers were squaring off against the local pee-wee powerhouse. After a grueling multi-month layoff, the Huskers are back – and the city is loving every minute of it.

Even if does come in the midst of some noticeable changes and unfortunate weather problems.  

Already, there is a certain unmistakable buzz in Lincoln, a notable feeling shared by all fans as they begin their preparations for game day. City officials are taking note of this as well, all the while simultaneously making necessary preparations to ensure that they are able to guarantee the ideal opening game experience this Saturday, regardless of what traffic or weather-caused road problems may arise.

Even the oft-discussed changes involving the multilane -- double roundabouts northwest of Memorial Stadium at 10th Street and Salt Creek Roadway – don’t seem like as big of a deal given what lays ahead. The move, which was made in an effort to improve traffic flow and safety for residents and citizens was the cause of some skepticism initially given its complicated introduction, but finally appears to be catching on.

Now, the only thing for Husker fans to keep an eye on when heading to the game is the actual roundabout protocol, as drivers must yield to automobiles which had previously entered the circle before moving on themselves. Then, once drivers are in the circle, they are the ones who should be yielded to and can proceed -- albeit, cautiously -- on their way. In an effort to smooth the transition along, signs and officials will be posted all over the roads on game day, making sure that Saturday stays a positive experience for all involved.

Of course, traffic aside, there are still the weather concerns.

According to Jordan Pascale of the Lincoln Journal Star, 616 season ticket holders from the Kansas City Area may have trouble getting to the game. All in all, six miles of Interstate 29 has been flooded with waterfall, and as a result, people attempting to get to the game now have to find a different, longer route. Traditionally, that Interstate-29 path between Kansas City and Omaha was the road of choice for fans.

As per the Kansas Department of Transportation, U.S. 73 and 75 north to Nebraska City and Nebraska 2 west to Lincoln may be the best options for fans desperate to see their Huskers kick off their championship campaign in 2011.

Regardless of the pitfalls, the one thing city officials are confident about is the devotion to Nebraska football that has always been prevalent in their city and state. The Huskers, of course, have consistently sold out more home games than any other collegiate football program around – a mark that doesn’t look like it will be broken any time soon.

So, despite the fact that Chattanooga may not pose much in the way of competition on Saturday, look for excitement levels to still be at an all-time high.

Nebraska football is back, and no road alterations, weather, or bumps in the road will be able to keep fans out of the stands.


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