Cincinnati Bengals Fans Beat Tampa Bay Bucs Fan (Video)


A group of Cincinnati Bengals fans beat a Tampa Bay Bucs fan outside Raymond James Stadium yesterday in Tampa, Florida.

A video (below) of the incident shows the Bengals fans trash talking with the Bucs fan. The verbal exchange quickly turns into a shoving match and then a fight, noted

The Bengals fan was knocked down onto a street in the middle of traffic, but came back only to be pinned on the ground and beaten some more.

Back at the game, the Bucs lost to the Bengals 14-13.

The Bucs had a chance to win with a field goal, but were flagged for having a 12th man on the field when they tried to stop the clock by spiking the ball, reports

"That's mind-blowing to me," said Bucs running back Bobby Rainey. "I had already played the game out when we got down there in field-goal range. Get down there, run the clock out. Three seconds, kick the field goal, we win. Go home. To not have that happen is crazy to me. I don't understand how that happened."

"Coaching error on our part; we didn't catch it," stated Bucs coach Lovie Smith. "Simple as that. It shouldn't happen. Miscommunication. Blame head coach. Bad move on my part for not seeing that."

"That's how 2-10 football teams play," added Smith. "They find a way to lose it in the end."



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