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Chuck Norris Comes To The Defense Of Tim Tebow

Free agent quarterback Tim Tebow might not need God to defend him anymore - now he has Chuck Norris on his side. In an online article he wrote for, the martial-arts expert and tough guy at-large seemed incredulous as to why no NFL team had signed Tebow to a contract.

"America has the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) and the UCP (Ultimate Clutch Players)," Norris wrote. "One is mixed martial artists, and the other is quarterbacks of the NFL. They all are athletic warriors who are extremely determined to win. My favorite in the UFC is Georges St. Pierre. My favorite UCP in the NFL is Tim Tebow."

Norris then explains himself:

“I have been following Tim since he became a quarterback for the Florida Gators, and I have never seen a more determined and inspiring athlete play the game of football. And I’m not alone in that sports assessment.”

He then suggests that the Jacksonville Jaguars should take a chance on Tebow, Yahoo reported.

“Why? To put it simply, because Tim could help turn the mediocre team into a championship one. Tebow works miracles on the field, and his inclusion would embolden the spirit of the Jaguars among the team and fans.

"Plus – and this has no reflection on the current quarterbacks – Tim is from Florida, where he bears a victor legacy and an extensive fan base, to boot, from his days with the Gators. Tim was raised in the Jacksonville area, where he became a high-school football star. Then his young, stellar career shot into the stratosphere when he led the University of Florida in Gainesville to some record-breaking wins. Tim won two national championships with the Gators and became the first sophomore ever to win the coveted Heisman Trophy."

He ends the piece by saying, “I have been an athlete all of my life, being a six-time undefeated world middle weight champion in the martial arts, and I know a winner when I see one. Tim Tebow is a winner – plain and simple!”

Sources: Yahoo, ESPN


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