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Chris Weidman's Home Gets Hit Hard by Hurricane Sandy

Ryan Bader sent out a message via Twitter on Tuesday saying that Chris Weidman lost his entire house in the devastating storm known as Hurricane Sandy. The storm hit - and continues to hit - the East Coast, where Weidman lives.

"Thoughts go out to (Weidman) & his family," Bader tweeted. "Lost his home in the storm on the east coast. Please show him your support."

On Monday, Weidman made several mentions via Twitter of his decision to remain in his home as the storm hit.

"Wife and kids are out (of) the house and I'm staying back to manage house. Try to keep some updates going for fun," Weidman wrote. "Just chainsawed this tree down was falling on house. Wind is nuts right now. Flooding is gonna be a big problem around 8."

Weidman's last post came about 23 hours ago on Facebook when he posted his meal for the night.

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