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Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva: "I Believe He Will be Champion"

Matt Serra is a former UFC champion who knows exactly what it takes to become a champion inside the Octagon. Now, with Chris Weidman on the edge of securing a title shot, Serra feels like his student can achieve that standard.

"When he's up here saying he wants Anderson Silva, he's not doing it for just a paycheck," said Serra, in a recent interview with "He's doing it because he truly believes he can beat and finish Anderson Silva. He has the same approach to sparring, to rolling. I believe he will be champion."

Weidman's recent victory over Mark Munoz lifted in the 185-pound division rankings. The former Hofstra University wrestling standout has been calling for a match with "The Spider" since the win, but several other middleweights have done the same.

Serra, meanwhile, remains inactive but has not officially said he is retired. He is still hoping for another match with Matt Hughes.

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