Chris Weidman Thinks He's a "Stylistic Nightmare" for Anderson Silva

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Chris Weidman (9-0) continues to wait on news about his next opponent and feels that Anderson Silva's (32-4) team knows he's a threat, so there attempting to deemphasize his skill.

"[Silva's] management has kind of tried to downplay me, because honestly I am a stylistic nightmare for that guy," siad Weidman. "No question about it. I've got better wrestling, better jiiu-jitsu, so I have a lot more on my side."

Since Weidman feels he is the No. 1 contender, he will continue to focus on Silva until the UFC informs him who his next opponent is.

"If the UFC comes back and says 'listen, we're not going to do the Anderson fight right now, we're going to do something else,' that's OK," said Weidman. "I'm going to move on. At this point I'm just thinking about Anderson Silva, until they tell me not to. I'm sure there will be other guys at the time, and I'll be ready. I just feel like I deserve a title shot, and that I'm the No. 1 contender and I want to get that opportunity."

Weidman is coming off a KO victory of Mark Muñoz (12-3) from July and Silva has stated he will not fight until 2013.

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