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Former Texas Quarterback Chris Simms Driving Stoned in New York

The Tennessee Titans have some quarterbacks on their roster that like to stir the pot a bit. Vince Young was given a citation recently for assaulting a patron at a strip club. Now, it’s Chris Simms turn to get in there and fight for that starting job!

Simms attempted to impress the coaches when he was caught driving while stoned on marijuana in Manhattan early this morning. Simms’ Mercedes was stopped at a traffic checkpoint in the West Village shortly after 1:30 AM. Police officers smelled weed and Simms admitted to them that he was smoking in the car earlier.

That’s brilliant. Getting high in a vehicle in New York City. Genius.

Police officers said they saw that his eyes were red and his speech was slurred. Who slurs their speech when they are high on pot?

In case you don’t remember, Chris is the son of former New York Giants QB Phil Simms.


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