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Hornets' Chris Paul Wants Out of New Orleans

Not everyone in the New Orleans sports scene is a champion right now. Surely, the Hornets are not a championship contender, and their superstar Chris Paul knows it. A source with direct knowledge of CP3′s plans tells that the stud guard wants out New Orleans ASAFP.

“He wants out,” said the person, who was not authorized to discuss the situation publicly. “He wants to play with another superstar. He wants to follow LeBron’s model of teaming up with other great players.”

Sources tell Ken Berger that members of Paul’s inner circle have already sent word that CP3 wants to play with other superstars and have a chance to win an NBA title LeBron-style (even though not one NBA champion in history has had LeBron on their team). His preferred teams are the Los Angeles Lakers (Kobe, Gasol and Paul? That would probably get another ring), Orlando Magic (would be great if Dwight Howard developed some sort of mid-range hook shot) and the New York Knicks (really? Just because they have Amare? You know they stink, right?)

“He feels like they haven’t put the right pieces together,” said the person familiar with Paul’s plans.

CP3 is a three-time All Star and the Hornets aren’t going anywhere. Apparently, the Miami Thrice stuff going on in South Beach has only accelerated the star’s plans.

“He’s not going to start the season in New Orleans,” said an NBA source.

This isn’t a huge secret. Paul has expressed concern over the Hornets being able to build a winner for some time. Days before Byron Scott was fired (just nine games into this past season), Paul said he really wanted to be a part of a winner…and soon.

“Those guys have been where I want to get to,” Paul said. “This is my fifth year in the league and I’m not trying to wait until I’m an old veteran in this league trying to win a championship. We’re trying to win now. Whatever we have to do to win, we’ve got to do now.”

We’ll have to see where Paul ends up. We’ve heard that the Heat don’t have the cap space or the young talent to trade for him.


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