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Hornets Chris Paul Says He's Open to Trade

There have been a few rumors out there that the New Orleans Hornets may be looking to move Chris Paul. Nothing substantial right now, but there has been talk. Reached by phone in London, CP3 says that he’d be open to a trade if the team really wasn’t committed to getting better, which is a distinct possibility considering owner George Shinn’s financial problems.

My first choice is to be in New Orleans,” Paul said. “I just want to make sure we’re committed to winning. If we’re not committed to winning and trying to get better so we can contend with the Lakers, the Celtics and all these other top teams, then I’m open to being traded.”

While no one in their right mind would want to move Paul, the Hornets just might have to for money reasons. GM Jeff Bower has denied being willing to move CP3, but executives around the league think that it could happen.

“If George Shinn can’t sell the team, I think Chris Paul will be traded,” an executive from an Eastern Conference team said. “Shinn’s strapped for money. He’s going to have to move him.”

Shinn denies all of it, saying that he loves Paul and that the team will continue to use him as their main building block.

“Chris Paul is the cornerstone of our franchise and brings us unequaled support on and off the court,” said Shinn, whom we’ve never seen but we’ll assume is old and white. “We will continue to build around Chris Paul, and we want to see him in a Hornets uniform for the remainder of his career. We have an exciting future, and with the leadership of our new head coach and players like Chris Paul, we know the best is yet to come. We plan to take advantage of any opportunities to improve our team.”

This could come to a head Thursday night during the draft. Or, it might not.


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