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XKO Results: Chris Jones, Steven Peterson and More

XKO Lightweight Championship Main Event
Chris Jones (6-1) (Mohler Jiu-Jitsu) TKO RD 3 Chris Pecero (3-2) (American Revolution)
Time of Stoppage:  0:45 RD 3

Chris Jones in the widely respected, defending XKO lightweight champion.  However, Chris Pecero was unfazed by Jones’ considerable accomplishments and gave the champion all he could handle in the fight.  Pecero attacked Jones like a rabid dog landing hard punches on the ground and on their feet.  Jones would rally back in the round but Pecero was open a nasty cut over the right eye of Jones.

Jones came out aggressive in the second round, landing hard head kicks that kept Pecero on the defensive.  But  Pecero showed no quit in his heart and battled back landing a hard left hook to the jaw of Jones.  Jones would again rally back to execute a textbook slam that took Pecero to the ground. While Pecero tried to employ the rubber guard to set Jones up, Jones would land a couple of hammer fists to keep the challenger at bay.  Jones’ fortunes seemed to improve at the end of the round as he rocked Pecero with a hard knee and then took the fight to the ground where he closed out the second round with some ground and pound.

Jones solidified his dominance in the third round as he landed a concussive left head kick that put Pecero wobbly legs.  Smelling blood, Jones pounced and unleashed a hellish flurry of punches that rocked Pecero and forced the referee to waive a halt to the bout.

XKO Middleweight Co-Main Event
Jake Rosholt (10-3) (Team Takedown/The Gym) TKO RD 1 Brandon McDowell
Time of Stoppage:  1:36 RD 1

Jake Rosholt continued his quest back to the UFC as he easily dispatched of savvy veteran Brandon McDowell.  The fight was all Rosholt who bullied and battered the out-gunned McDowell.  After taking McDowell down and unleashing an unrelenting barrage of hammer fists, the fight was waived off. 

XKO Bantamweight Championship Fight
Steven Peterson (4-1) (JD Shelley) MD 4 Douglas Frey (9-5) (The Gym)
Scores:  38-38, 39-37, 39-37

The energy leading into this title fight was palatable as both fighters entered the cage.  In the opening round the action was fast and furious.  But while the action was intense, it was also nearly evenly matched by both combatants.  Both Peterson and Frey had their moments in the round while standing, and on the ground, Peterson landed a flurry of elbow that opened up a small cut over Frey’s eye. 

The second round was an ebb and flow of dramatic rallies.  Frey kicked things off by landing a couple of head kicks that seemed to wobble Peterson on his feet.  Sensing blood, Frey upped his attack, but Peterson would rally back to batter Frey with some hard combinations while on their feet.  Just as it appeared that Frey was in trouble, he rallied back to take Peterson down and landing a number of elbows to close out the round. Lead leg kicks that had Peterson visible wincing.  Due to the damage inflicted to his leg Peterson began to look for the takedown.  Unfortunately for him, Frey was able to shake off these attempts and on the feet proceeded to batter and bloody Peterson with a plethora of strikes that included crisp punches to the face and sharp knees to the head while in the clinch.  Frey’s aggression began to wear on Peterson who was being beaten to the punch. 

Both fighters wore the look of war on their faces going into the fourth round.  Such a spirited pace surely cannot be easy for a fighter to deal with.  However, despite the fatigue, both fighters unleashed a spirited exchange of body shots. Then the unthinkable happened.  A seemingly legal knee thrown by Frey while Peterson was rising put Peterson on queer street and unable to continue the fight.  As a result of Peterson being unable to continue the fight due to incidental contact, the fight went to the scorecards where Peterson was awarded the fight.  The crowd was infuriated and booed Peterson mercilessly.  It was a shame that such a great fight was marred with controversy. 

XKO Bantamweight Fight
Randy Villarreal (5-2) (Phalanx MMA/Genesis Jiu-Jitsu) SUB RD 1 Mike Sierra (3-4) (The Gym)
Time of Submission:  0:53 RD 1

Fact of the matter is that there is no love lost between Randy Villarreal and Mike Sierra.  It’s a grudge match that had been boiling over for some time now but any animosity was soon squashed as Villarreal made quick work of Sierra.  An incredible slam, followed by some clean ground and pound and then a fight sinking rear naked choke spelled the end for Sierra.  Solid win by Villarreal. 

XKO Middleweight Fight
JJ Holmes (2-0) (Mohler Jiu-Jitsu/The Gym) TKO RD 2 (Strikes) Hayward Charles (0-1) (Ironside MMA)
Time of Stoppage:  2:49 RD 2

Making your pro MMA debut is always a tough endeavor.  Making it against a fighter with the credentials of JJ Holmes is downright freighting.  Still, despite facing a fighter many peg to be one of the states brightest prospects, Hayward Charles took the fight to Holmes in impressive fashion.  Landing some hard hooks and a few brain-scrambling knees that put Holmes on his heels, Charles put on a performance against Holmes.  However, Holmes is respected for a reason and the Mohler-trained fighter rallied back to end the round rocking Charles with a number of thunderous punches. 

Holmes came out in round two and secured a quick single leg takedown.  But while Holmes may be at home on the mat, Charles seemed equally as comfortable on his back and looked to land a triangle choke.  With Holmes able to defend Charles’ submission attempts the pace slowed as both fighters were visibly fatigued.  However, it was Holmes’ who was able to dig down deeper and after working to get Charles in a crucifix unleashed a murderous salvo of elbows that put Charles out for the night and Holmes into the winner circle. 

XKO Welterweight Fight
Roy Spoon (6-3) (Octagon MMA) UD Brandon Smith (4-1) (Star Jiu-Jitsu)
Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28

Roy Spoon in a beast in the cage.  Against the talented Brandon Smith, Spoon put on a virtuoso performance in the opening minutes of the first round taking Smith to the ground and unleashing hell by way of ground and pound that preceded a vice grip of a rear naked choke.  However, Smith would weather the storm to turn the tables on Spoon toward the end of the round, posturing up in Spoon’s guard and retaliating with some concussive ground and pound shots to close out the round impressively.

The second round saw both fighters giving it their all though neither could really take the lead early on.  Spoon was able to secure another rear naked choke but Smith would deftly fight off the submission attempt as the round closed in a fighter that was being closely contested. 

A bad cut had been opened above the right eye of Smith and Spoon longed to take advantage of it, coming out and aggressively taking Smith to the ground.  Spoon was able to score shot punches to Smith’s head while in the half guard as it appeared that Smith was running out of gas.  Spoon seemed to find his second wind in the round and exerted his dominance with some well-placed shots to Smith who had turtled up.  In the end, this fight boiled down to a war of attrition and it was Spoon who was able to dig deep enough to pull out the win. 

XKO Lightweight Fight
Moises Diaz (2-3) (The Gym) TKO RD 2 (Strikes) Chris Sellers (0-2) (Texas Fighting Syndicate)
Time of Stoppage:  1:44 RD 2

In a fight that displayed fireworks from the opening bell, Moises Diaz and Chris Sellers waged a brutal war of attrition.  Diaz took the advantage in the opening round rocking Sellers with a right hand.  Sellers battled back but absorbed a cage rattling slam for his efforts as Diaz took the round.

The second round featured more of the same as Diaz was able to use his wrestling skills to take Sellers down.  Once they were on the ground Diaz turned up the intensity landing brutal punches and elbows from the guard until the referee had seen enough and waived a halt to the bout.

XKO Bantamweight Fight
Alex Russ (3-0) (The Gym) SUB RD 2 (Guillotine) Frank Ortega (4-5) (TX Elite MMA)
Time of Submission:  2:00 RD 2

Everyone in North Texas is aware of Frank Ortega’s tenacity in the cage.  Against Alex Russ, a heralded newcomer to the DFW MMA scene, Ortega displayed his trademark gameness, but Russ showed tremendous poise in countering Ortega’s aggression with slams and top control in round one.

The second round started out at a brisk pace as both fighters elected to stand and trade shots in the center of the cage.  A body kick from Russ was caught by Ortega, but Russ rocked him with a straight right hand.  Russ pounced on his downed opponent landing some hard shots.  However, Ortega was able to secure an ankle lock that would have submitted a normal human being.  Unfortunately for Ortega, Russ is not ordinary and displaying a Gumby like elasticity was able to continue landing shots to the head of Ortega.  While the audience cringes at Russ contorted knee, the man known as “Warpath” was able to deftly slip the hold and secured a vice grip standing guillotine to end the fight. 

XKO Lightweight Fight
Faez Miraki (1-0) (Ironside MMA) UD 3 Elijah Fleites (0-1) (Kingdom MMA)
Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

For two fighters making their professional fight debuts, both Miraki and Fleties put on a riveting display of technical prowess and controlled aggression.  Early on it was Miraki who used his well-rounded tools to control the action on the feet and on the ground.  Fleties was game throughout, but Miraki scored repeatedly with takedowns and ground and pound.  The fight nearly ended in the opening stanza when Miraki latched on an inverted armbar that had Fleties in trouble but the bell saved him.

Miraki’s grappling acumen was on display again in the second round as Miraki again controlled the action throughout most of the stanza.  Miraki did some exceptional damage to Fleties while tied in the clinch in route to a dominating second round.  Both fighters kept a spirited pace in the final round and Fleties made Miraki pay for his overconfidence landing a hard counter hook that forced Miraki to take the fight to the ground. 

Unfortunately for Fleties, Miraki controlled the action on the ground landing some punches while in the guard of Fleties.  Though the action slowed to end out the round, Miraki inarguably pulled out the decision with a flurry of knees to close things out in aggressive fashion. 


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