Chris Johnson Pays Tribute to Sandy Hook Victims During Titans vs. Jets


The tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting had a serious emotional impact on pro sports. Despite the fact that no well-known athletes were personally impacted by what transpired in Newtown, the sports community reacted in a big way to last Friday’s incident.

All weekend, an assortment of basketball, football and college events all over America (and beyond) paid tribute to the victims of the massacre. Beyond that, specific athletes and coaches took to voicing their condolences and heartbroken takes on the senseless loss of life that occurred.

On Monday night, the latest athlete to step up and pay tribute to the young lives lost was Tennessee Titans running back, Chris Johnson.

Here was what he wrote on his gear:

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(via CBS Sports)

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(via Pro Player Insiders)

After the game, Johnson said this of his tribute: "Kind of heartbroken, so just something to try to give back and show tribute to those families knowing how much they hurt and a situation where on Monday Night Football everybody around the world is watching.”

(Kudos CBS Sports, CBS, Pro Player Insiders)

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