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Chris Givens is Key to St. Louis Rams Success

It looks like the Rams have finally found themselves a deep threat in the passing game. Look no further than recently team suspended rookie Chris Givens. He may not have been the first receiver the Rams picked in this draft, but by the time it’s all said and done I’m sure he’ll turn out to be the best offensive player they landed.

Selected in the fourth round, this highly productive rookie receiver out of Wake Forest has carried his success over into the NFL. Givens was slated to be the fourth wide receiver on the Rams depth chart, but some gave him an outside chance of taking the third spot. Brian Quick was unproductive and seemed to work his way into the doghouse by about week 2, and hasn’t worked his way out since.

Givens took the opportunity presented by the faltering second round draft pick, and ran with it. With Amendola playing great in the slot that once every four games or so when he’s healthy this season, Givens has proven himself as a fast complimentary pass option on the outside. He even tied an NFL record with four straight games where he had a reception of 50 or more yards.

The young wideouts only real downfall this season has been his team imposed suspension in week 10, that he served alongside another rookie, Janoris Jenkins. You could make the case that he’s getting in with the wrong crowd I guess. But he has responded admirably, and showed a level of maturity that I’m sure Jeff Fisher can appreciate. His first game following the suspension he was hardly a factor, but you could expect no less from a player whose last game time came about 20 days earlier. He still had 4 receptions, but was a non-factor in the yards department. His second game back, with all the cobwebs shaken off and rust polished he had himself a game playing against a very good Cardinals pass defense. He racked up 115 yards and had a touchdown, and the Rams won that game.

With all the young receiver talent the Rams have either thrown to the wayside, or the many misses in the draft, it’s great to see somebody showing some spark in their first season with the club. This young receiver has the potential to become the best offensive player the Rams found in the 2012 draft, and best of all they were able to get him 96th overall. He’s got speed, runs a good route, and if he can just stay out of trouble will turn into a very reliable number two wide receiver with great big play potential. He just might even be talented enough to make up for the bust they took two rounds ahead of him in Brian Quick. With what Givens brings to the table the Rams are just a number one receiver, and a Bradford that lives up to his no.1 draft pick expectations away from really having something on offense.


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