Chris Canty Thinks Ravens’ Joe Flacco is a Better QB than Giants’ Eli Manning

Chris Canty isn’t mincing words as he attempts to work his way into the hearts of Baltimore Ravens fans and their quarterback Joe Flacco alike. When trying to pump the tires of your own teammate, it’s understandable that Canty didn’t need to hold back; it’s what he said about his latter teammate that’s been drawing attention. When asked on NBC Sports whether Canty prefered Flacco or Manning, he chose the former citing Flacco’s one Super Bowl as a reason and his being one of the “best deep-ball throwers in the league”.

When I first read this I couldn’t help but let out a giggle. It’s an interesting display of cognitive dissonance on the part of Canty to praise Flacco for his having just won a Super Bowl, while in the same breath not giving Eli kudos for his two. Just fascinating really.

Where Canty does have a point however, is in his praising of Flacco’s execution of plays downfield. Yes, believe it or not there is one part of the game where Flacco genuinely does out-do Eli.

In throws downfield of 20 yards or more Flacco has as good a touchdown to interception ratio as anyone could hope for, at a rate of 11 touchdowns to zero interceptions, whereas Eli posted only 8 touchdowns with 3 interceptions. When comparing their passer ratings Flacco also comes out on top with a 113.3 to Manning’s 94.9.

It’s an interesting way to endear yourself to a fanbase, but some credit has to go Canty’s way for statistical accuracy. While enough can not be made of the abject ignorance displayed in trying to compare Super Bowls as a means of adjudging which quarterback is better, he found a way to maintain some integrity on his praising Flacco in the deep game.

If you’re a Giants fan take some solace in knowing that your’s was not the only club Canty was taking shots at. Like kicking a dog while he’s down (which is seemingly always the case with this one in particular) Canty went on to add, for reasons beyond me, that Tony Romo is his favorite quarterback to sack and that he’s “on Tony Romo more than the Dallas media”. Such a shame that the Ravens aren’t facing either of those NFC East teams. Canty’s mouth has created a narrative that will most likely become stale before the media gets a chance to eat it whole.

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