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Chris Beal is Always Ready to Perform

Chris Beal (6-0) remains undefeated for BAMMA USA and is always willing to take a fight last minute.

"It doesn't matter whether I fight first or last," said Beal at MMA Weekly. "This is the second time I've become the main event for him, so they know they can call on me and I'll perform."

In his last BAMMA USA appearance over the summer, Beal stepped up to the co-main event after injuries were sustained by the fighters who were originally in those slots.

"I think I performed as best I could with the situation I was in," said Beal. "I was a little under the weather, a little sick, and that week I didn't really train that hard because I had congestion in my chest and stuff."

Three of Beal's four BAMMA USA fights have ended via decision.

Beal has decided to take the remainder of 2012 off to heal up after accepting four fights in one year. He mentioned January as the earliest he is looking to return.

"I'm feeling good and just like I need to keep taking those baby steps," said Beal. "I know at 100 percent or even like at 90 percent, I'll be way better than that performance, so I'm pretty confident about taking that next step."

BAMMA USA returns to action this January. They will be hosting badbeat 8 from the Commerce Casino in California.

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