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Chipotle Creatively Uses Upcoming Super Bowl in Ad; Fair or Foul?

Is there a corporate logo in the entire free world more valuable or recognizable than the NFL shield? Maybe the Apple logo, but that’s about it. Unless a business obtains the authorized written consent of the National Football League (commonly costing millions of dollars) there is no way the plus $9 billion  per year corporate sports envy of the world is going to let another business use their logo for a promotion; nor should they. The other thing the NFL isn’t going to let another company do is use the term “Super Bowl” as part of a promotion where they make money and the NFL doesn’t. Again, nor should they.

Chipotle Mexican Grillhowever has someone in their marketing department that may deserve a raise, or deserves to get fired, I’m not entirely sure bout that just yet as it depends on what happens when the NFL reads this and what they decide to do about it. You see Chipotle is now advertising the fact that you should stock up on burrito party boxes for the “Super Big Internationally Televised Professional Football Bowl Game”.

Now there’s a marketing slogan for you. It practically rolls off the tongue… You don’t suppose that they are talking about Super Bowl XLVI do you?

Memo to Chipotle – Good luck with sales of burrito party boxes during the Super Big Internationally Televised Professional Football Bowl Game scheduled as the final game of the professional football season differentiating itself from previous Super Big Internationally Televised Professional Football Bowl Games by the use of Roman numerals. Wait, is that a run on sentence?


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