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Chiefs will Try to Stop Packers Aaron Rodgers; Good Luck!

The Kansas City Chiefs have a tall order on Sunday -- stop quarterback Aaron Rodgers as he attempts to take his Packers to 14-0.

Rodgers has thrown for 39 touchdowns and just six interceptions for a quarterback rating of 123.3 -- that's the third highest through 13 games since the 1970 merger.

The Chiefs may want to try blitzing Rodgers.

"You better get some rush," said Chiefs interim head coach and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. "If you're able to get some rush you might be able to defend... so he won't be able to put it exactly where he wants it."

One problem with blitzing -- Rodgers is even better when he's under pressure. His rating when blitzed is 134.6, completing close to 70% of his passes.

The Associated Press points out that many of those completed passes are back shoulder fades.

"That's been one of the hardest routes to stop in football for a long time now," Kansas City cornerback Brandon Flowers said. "You just have to be in good position to defend the football. There's no way to coach how to stop the back shoulder. You just have to compete for the ball."

The key is not to pressure Rodgers but to get on the receivers.

"We have to get our hands on their guys and slow them down because that's pretty much a timing route," Chiefs defensive back Travis Daniels said. "He throws it to a certain yard line and if we're able to re-route receivers and get a jam on them, hopefully we can slow them down."

Even if they can stop the back shoulder fade, the Chiefs will need more to deal the Packers their first loss.

"If our team, in all phases, plays at a high level, not turning the ball over, not giving up easy scores, that gives us the best chance of winning," Crennel said. "If Rodgers is on the field too long, we're going to be in trouble." 


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